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About Us

Huseyin Gunaydin opened the Golden Eagle Diner and Restaurant in 1986. After arriving in America in 1972, he began his career in diners as a dishwasher. He then worked as a short-order cook, a baker, and a kitchen manager before opening his own diner.


Huseyin is a man who does not take shortcuts. On Sunday mornings, he drives to area food distributors, where he selects fresh fruits and vegetables. Every morning, his kitchen staff starts preparing soups, boiling beef, chicken, and seafood stock for three hours. Huseyin doesn’t buy prepared stock or use preservatives. He cuts his meat and grinds his beef on-site. When you order a bowl of his cabbage soup, you are ordering a warming brew of fresh ingredients that is hours in the making. The result is a satisfaction you can’t find at chains and other less-dedicated restaurants.


Huseyin applies the same philosophy to the rest of his menu, which ranges from traditional diner fare to entrées such as fillet mignon, veal, oysters, and baked ziti. His artisan bakers prepare a variety of European-style cakes and pastries, signature cinnamon and cheese breads, and a popular New York style cream cheesecake.


With two banquet rooms that can serve 150 guests each, a full bar offering draft beer and cocktails, and a staff committed to your satisfaction, the Golden Eagle is well-equipped to host private parties, business meetings, and other special events at a reasonable cost.


The Golden Eagle is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.






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